Senior Center News

Thursday, May 2- Chicken Enchiladas, zucchini carrot salad.

Friday May 3- Baked Potato Bar, Raspberry shortcake, No Salad bar.

Monday May 6- Meat Lovers Pizza, Apple Brie salad, Chocolate pudding pie.

Tuesday, May 7 - Patty Melt on Rye bread, Fried Onions, Cheese, chips, and Frog eye salad.

Wednesday, May 8- Chicken Chow Mein, Cranberry Blueberry salad, Chocolate Chip cookies.

Recipe of the Week:

Chicken Marsala Over White Rice


• 1 cup uncooked white rice

• 2 cups water

• 1 cup all-purpose flour

• salt to taste

• ground black pepper to taste

• 1 pinch dried oregano to taste

• 1 po...

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