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Extended Sales Closing Date for 2019 NAP Coverage at FSA


May 15, 2019

Due to regulatory changes that were enacted through the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, the sales closing date for 2019 NAP coverage was extended until May 24th. This change is for crop year 2019 only, and the extended sales closing date applies only to producers that wish to purchase “buy up” NAP coverage. 2019 NAP coverage for producers that wish to acquire basic coverage only is no longer available. NAP coverage for 2020 and future years will need to be purchased by the normal sales closing dates.

Note: Producers that previously purchased basic level 2019 NAP coverage, but wish to increase their coverage to a “buy up” level must visit FSA to sign the applicable payment by the May 24 deadline. The extended deadline, however, applies to ALL producers, even if you have not yet purchased 2019 NAP coverage for a crop.

NAP provides risk protection for most crops that you cannot insure through your MPCI agent. A partial list of NAP-eligible crops in Chouteau County would include:

• Corn

• Flax

• Barley for hay

• Oats for hay

• Peas for hay

• Millet

• Buckwheat

• Sorghum forage

• Sunflowers

• Soybeans

The cost of “buy up” NAP coverage is equal to $325/crop plus a per acre premium. The NAP premium is equal to 5.25% of the NAP guarantee. Beginning farmers and ranchers, limited resource farmers and ranchers, and socially disadvantaged farmers or ranchers will receive a waiver of the NAP service fee, as well as a 50% reduction in the premium cost.

NAP coverage is currently available at the following coverage levels:

• 50/100 (50% of APH, and 100% of NAP market price)

• 55/100 (55% of APH, and 100% of NAP market price)

• 60/100 (60% of APH, and 100% of NAP market price)

• 65/100 (65% of APH, and 100% of NAP market price).

For more information, please contact Farm Service Agency (FSA) at 406 622 5401 extension 2.


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