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Chouteau County Cancer Support Group visits Rotary


May 22, 2019

Chouteau County Cancer Support Group is made up of cancer survivors and Trish Eklunds, from Geraldine, who was a hospice social worker. It was formed 19 years ago. They have a board comprised of six people that meet once a month.

According to Trish they try to have other activity, presentation or education opportunities around the county. They recently meet with Rotary in Big Sandy to make connections with the Big Sandy community.

The three ladies presenting were cancer survivors and there was also a representative from the Health Department that gave a presentation on the Tobacco Prevention Program.

"LeRita McKeever and Demra Brown are our connection with Big Sandy." Trish said. After a person has been diagnosed with cancer they are given blankets, like the quilt that LeRita makes, and $150. They will continue to receive $150 every three months as long as they are still in treatment. The blankets are made by different people in the county. LaRita has made several quilts to give people in our community as well as the Eye of the Needle Quilts Guild.

Their current project is a children's hand-made wooden rocking motorcycle created by Bob Onstad. It is being raffled off for $5 each or five tickets for $20. Contact LeRita McKeever at 739-4477 if you would like to purchase some tickets.

The ticket will be drawn at the Summer Celebration in Fort Benton. Trish wanted everybody to know that 100% of the money given to the support group is given to residence of Chouteau County.

"There are a couple of really wonderful givers in the Big Sandy area and we appreciate them very much."

There is a lot of cancer in our county and it's hard to believe that there is any family that has not been touched by this disease.


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