Two Car Thefts in Big Sandy


June 12, 2019

How many cars do you think have their keys in it.

Recently as you are all mostly aware there have been two car thefts in the town of Big Sandy. They are not related. The one pickup was discovered and returned to his owner. They have a couple of suspects, but other than that because it is on an ongoing investigation Chouteau County Sheriff's Deputy Jeremy Echols will not comment.

The pickup that was stolen was reported missing an hour or two from when it was stolen. The razor wasn't reported missing up to 12 hours after they had last seen it. The speed in which you make a report to the Sheriff office helps with recovering of stolen property.

Both vehicles were unlocked and the keys were in them. "Defiantly, both vehicles that were stolen had their keys in them. Mayberry is a myth. Personally, I take my keys out, but I don't lock it. I've had the windows broken into in Great Falls. Don't leave your valuables inside your car and always have your keys with you."

You should probably lock your doors on our home. He locks his house.

Years ago, Sheriff Williams gave a presentation to the Hopp-Illaid Homemakers club where he showed the paraphernalia he confiscated from criminals that had travelled through the town of Big Sandy. It was a sobering presentation. I have locked my car, per his recommendation every sense.

"If you see someone that you don't know that is not suspicion. But if you see behavior that appears suspicious, you should call the Sheriff's office, according to deputy Jeremy. Strangers are not suspicious, race isn't suspicious, behaviors are suspicious. "Looking around town, looking in windows, driving slowly by the school would be suspicious behaviors."

They need facts, evidence, not opinions "acting creepy" is not a fact. You can't run someone out of town. We do want people to report suspicious activity, however."


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