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Community Wide Garage Sale a huge success


June 19, 2019

The Weaver girls raised money for the Benefits Gift of life house with a lemonade stand during the community wide garage sale.

I hate shopping at garage sales, because I always find something that I want. This time was no exception. I bought a bike for $15, because I wanted one to ride around town with. I found the perfect size bench for my front outside deck which the grandchildren will use to play on, and miraculously I found two pair of shoes size 11, which even stores do not carry!

It was not necessarily crowded at the sales, but they all had people at them. There were his and hers sales at opposite end of the lot, four to five family sites, two had brought in their own flatbeds and parked, bartering took place, big ticket items sold, furniture practically given away, and tons of children's everything. One boy was excited because he bought a stuffed bear half the size of his bed. Another boy bought a skate board. A girl showed me her elephant dress she had bought. Her mother didn't like it but she was extremely excited! The Grocery Store was busy all day and the Big Sandy Barracuda Swim team's taco in a bag ran out of taco meat and had to make some more.

What I loved the most was the children who participated. Zac Erie had a goal in mind. He sold lemonade to raise money to buy a new Mario game. Mario was the first word he learned to spell. I loved that he knew exactly what goal he had in mind. It was a game he had to buy because his parents said he had to work for it.

At Samantha Weaver's garage sale, her two daughters sold pink lemonade for a wonderful cause. According to Samantha, "These two raised $168.00 today for the Benefis Gift of Life Housing in memory of two incredible souls. Five years ago, this summer our family was living in the Gift of Life Housing during my mom's cancer treatments and while we cared for her. Because of the generosity of others, we were able to stay there free of charge. It was a huge weight lifted...not having to worrying about where to stay and how to pay for it. I am truly thankful and humbled by the donations. We received today. Thank you for helping us to pay it forward to another family in their time of need. The girls will be taking their donation to the Benefis Foundation next week."

At The Motel garage sale site, Liam Simpson sold cookies and water to raise money for the food bank.

It was a great day, temperatures were mild and there wasn't any wind. I saw whole families walking the streets or riding their bikes together from site to site. Plenty of visiting and laughing with neighbors.


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