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Big Sandy's Little Dancers Class


August 28, 2019

Last year Audrey Sipler, a Big Sandy High School student, organized and taught a children's dance class. Audrey was nervous at first because she wasn't sure how many kids were going to enter the class. Lucky for her though, she ended up with plenty of adorable kids. She had five 3-5-year olds and eight 6-11-year olds. She enjoyed all the children and was impressed with their skills for not have a lot of dance experience.

Last year she picked 4 songs for the kids to choose from. Songs included "You Can't Touch this" and "ABC". All the kids loved the songs and enjoyed performing. Audrey organizes for the kids to dance during halftimes of basketball games and at the community medical center. "I could always tell how much fun the kids had performing by the smiles on their faces after a performance!" stated Audrey.

Audrey plans to continue this dance class into this next school year. She has always been passionate about dance and music and she really enjoys teaching.

Her classes will be every Friday starting September 6th, 2019. She charges $25 a month for class and $75 for families with three kids or more. The class is offered to all ages between Preschool and elementary school and she hopes to have a good turn out this year.

Audrey's favorite part of teaching is the kids, and the support of the community. Whether the kids perform at a basketball game or the medical center, the community always showers the kids with compliments. This makes the kids love dancing.

Audrey sees this and it makes teaching even more enjoyable for her. So, if you have a child who is interested in dance sign them up for Audrey's dance class. You can contact her at (406)-399-5762.


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