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Cheering for Big Sandy


September 4, 2019

BSHS cheer squad, Amiya Edwards, Abrianna Blaton, Mia Dilworth, and Audrey Sipler.

For the second year in a row, Big Sandy will lead in Pioneer spirit by Big Sandy Cheerleaders. There are four cheerleaders for the football and volleyball games and eight to 10 cheerleaders for the basketballs games. It is crucial to realize cheerleaders must, by rule, cheer equally at both the football and the volleyball games. The school doesn't want them to travel to far away with the football team, so even though the volleyball games are closer or more at home, they will not be cheering except for those times that are equal to the football games. Therefore, there will be times they are not present at games.

This year the girls are excited because they got new cheer uniforms. Cheer Advisor, Heather Dilworth, said they reviewed past sizes and ordered a variety of sizes, two extra smalls, three smalls, three mediums, and two large. Purple uniforms with gold and white stripes. They can order more, knowing they may need to alter them over the years. Everyone will have white tennis shoes.

Heather was never a cheerleader herself, but she did years of dancing. Six years of ballet, hip hop, and jazz. Being a Cheer Advisor is something she never saw herself doing, but she is enjoying it!

Booster club agreed to buy enough white pompoms for every cheerleader, per their request. They will also receive from the booster club spirit they will be able to hand out during games.

The girls have to practice ten times as well before they cheer for the first time during the year. If anyone does not, they cannot cheer for the first game. They are also required to maintain the same and then every Tuesday and Thursday. Mia, from Germany, they are working on a couple of new cheers and getting Mia, up to speed with the olds ones. The girls want to do dancing during half-time. They have to learn and practice. They want to have more spirit.

There was a lot of interest in cheer, more than any year for a long time. There were not tryout. Everyone who wants to cheer can. Whether they break up the number for Jr. High and Sr. High depends on standing space.


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