The Big Sandy Mountaineer -

By Ann Bitz 

Homecoming Deadline for "Pioneer Heroes" video is November 15


October 9, 2019

Hey Big Sandy Pioneers! We are hoping to use your Pioneer Heroes for promotion and production of Homecoming 2020. By November 15, 2019, (just over a month from now) Facebook or email a brief (around 30 seconds and definitely under a minute) video or statement telling us about your Pioneer hero – who they are, why they are your hero, what they have done to impact you and/or society, etc. Think about classmates or friends who are alumni (living or deceased) who might fit into any of these categories – Arts (dance, music, photography, painting, acting, literature, etc.), Science (research, teaching, etc.), Business (agricultural, finance, retail, construction, etc.), Military (current or retired), Service (volunteering, championing a cause, “Pay-it-Forward” attitude, etc.), Religion (missionary, pastoral, etc.), Sports (coaches, bench warmers with great attitudes, mentors, supporters, etc.), Careers (doctor, lawyer, nurse, teacher, politician, etc.) Maybe your hero doesn’t fit any of these categories – just tell us about them in your own words!! If you don’t feel comfortable being visually recorded, would you please consider sending an audio recording? It will make your Hometown Hero come alive for everyone. If you don’t have anyone to help you record it, please contact a Homecoming Committee member or Larry & Ann Bitz and someone will help you get it done. We also will use your written statements, but it will be more personal by using either video or audio. Please send your hero videos via email or Facebook to the Homecoming Committee ( – attention Lisa Genereux or to Ann Bitz ( More information and examples can be found on the website and on the Facebook page (Big Sandy Homecoming.) By sending us your videos and/or statements, you are giving us the right to use them to make Homecoming 2020 the best ever!


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