What's Happening at BSMC?


November 6, 2019

A big CONGRATULATIONS to the Nursing Staff for winning the third Annual BSMC Staff Costume Contest! Halloween is a big deal around here, and the 2019 holiday did not disappoint. The nursing staff dressed as the Addams Family; Ashley Allderdice, RN, as Morticia; Morgan Simpson, CNA, as Gomez; Jessica Dooley, RN, as of Wednesday; Lorraine Hanson, RN, as Pugsley; Donna Fetsch, CNA, as Uncle Fester; and Lynn Faber, CNA, as Cousin It. EVERYONE else in the facility dressed as Smurfs. The kitchen staff made Smurf themed food, including blue pasta, Smurf house cupcakes, and Smurf punch. They made Smurf houses and taped them on the walls and offered the residents Smurf Pez dispensers and other Smurf related treats. The residents lined up in the halls around 3 pm, and the judging commenced. The Smurfs walked through first, followed by the Addams Family with residents' votes collected immediately after. It was a neck-and-neck race with the Addams Family winning with a 5-4 majority. It is all in good fun, and everyone enjoyed it. The nursing staff continues to be the department to beat with a third win!

The grade school kids came through after school to trick-or-treat with all the residents. The residents enjoy seeing everyone and get a kick out of the costumes. About 100 kids came through. The residents also got to play a game of "what's in the bag?" with Lisa Sipler, Activities Director, who, with the help of Laci LaBuda, Dietary Manager, made eyeballs (peeled grapes), fingernails (slivered almonds), scabs (grape peels), witches' warts (raisins), worms (spaghetti noodles), and ghost poop (cotton balls). Each item was placed in a brown paper bag, and then each resident reached inside to "blindly" feel what was there and make their best guess. They certainly enjoyed it!

In other news around the facility, we continue to make adjustments and get comfortable with our computer system. We appreciate everyone's patience with us as we settle into our new normal. We ask that you bring your insurance card and driver's license to your clinic appointment or ER visit if you have not been seen here since October 1, 2019. This is the best way to be sure that our information is current in your record, so we will not be pulling any of your information from the old system.

We have also welcomed Shannon Strawn, Medical Assistant (MA), to our clinic. She grew up in Montana and had been living in Alaska for the last year. She decided it was time to come back to Montana and moved to Big Sandy upon finding a job here at BSMC. Shannon enjoys photography, painting, and drawing, and also has her own blog. She has been a great addition to our clinic staff and says she "loves that everyone is so personable around here." As an MA, she is willing and able to give you your flu shot! We have vaccines available for people of all ages; please call 378-2189 to make your vaccine appointment.

Not only do we want you to stay healthy, but we also encourage you to stay safe as the weather changes and temperature drops. Please be mindful of ice and use salt, sand, or kitty litter on your walkways to prevent falls. Dress appropriately for the weather; frostbite can occur in under a half-hour, even in decent conditions. Be sure your vehicle always has at least a quarter tank of gas and an emergency kit with food and water, just in case you get stuck somewhere. Remember to wash your hands often and stay home if you are sick. If you do need medical attention, we are here for you! The clinic is open from 8-5, Monday-Friday, and the ER is always open for your emergency medical needs. As always, thank you for being the heart of BSMC.


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