The Big Sandy Mountaineer -

City Council Draft Agenda for the February 12 meeting


February 12, 2020

February 12, 2020

7:00 City Hall

1. Pledge

2. Approval of meeting minutes

3. Public Comments

4. Sheriff Report

5. Pivot

6. KLJ: Storm Drain project – NCMRWA-Walking Trail

Bear Paw Development:

Walking Trail

Storm Drain project

7. New Business

a. Jessica Dooley

b. Time Clock for pool

c.Agriculture use building on Johannes Ave

d. Census Boundary Map

e. Budget Amendment - Resolution 2020-13 (Grant funding for storm drain PER)

f. Budget Amendment - Resolution 2020-14 (Walking Path)

g. Budget Amendment – Resolution 2020-15 (Garbage Maintenance)

h. Moving the Town’s banking from Wells Fargo to First Bank of Montana

9. Old Business

a. Water ordinance

b. Homecoming


a. Committee reports

b. Mayor

c. Public Works

d. Clerk (shut off list)

11. Correspondence

12. Consideration of Approval of Claims

13. Approval of Journal Vouchers (2020-07)

14. Any business to be brought before the council


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