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Beau Pegar is running for Chouteau County Commissioner


March 11, 2020

Why are you running for Commissioner? Beau Pegar answered, "I guess I would like to see some changes, mostly with our road. But there is a lot of things that need to be looked at like the budgets, not just our road budgets. We are talking about all the budgets, law enforcement, and everything. I would like to see what we can do to help our law enforcement. There has been a lot of vandalism and thievery going on in Big Sandy I'd like to see what the commissioners could do to help our law enforcement. Do we need more law enforcement in the town of Big Sandy? Yes, I would like to see some changes. That goes for roads, the equipment, the law enforcement the whole works."

"I worked on the county work crew, spraying weeds right out of high school. So, I have worked for the county. I have worked for the state of Montana doing road maintenance for 14 years. Having those two previous jobs, and being auctioneer, I have worked with the public and have worked for the public for many years."

Beau is 39 years old, lived in Big Sandy his whole life. "I've been active in farming and ranching my whole life." He farms with his folks Randy and Linell Pegar southeast of Big Sandy along the Missouri River and depending on the condition of the road, and he is either 15 miles or 22 miles from Big Sandy. Beau cares a great deal for the community.

When he was still in high school, he went to auctioneer school. Beau has been an auctioneer for 23 years. He has volunteered his auctioneer skills to support the sale of 4-H animals, which was the goal of going to auctioneer school in the first place.

He is also a custom truck driver. Between hauling hay, grain, cattle, or equipment, Beau has driven almost every road in the county.

He has also been an inspector for the last two years. Between auction sales, brand inspections, hauling Beau has covered the entire county.

He believes the commissioners should be more involved with the issues which affect the communities in Chouteau County.

He finalized his interview by saying again, "First and foremost thing I want to check into in the budget to see where our tax dollars went and how they spent the taxes. Especially because they raised our taxes and I want to know where they spent the funds because the roads haven't improved."


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