Big Sandy School Board Met March 17


March 25, 2020

Under old business, they voted to pay for new drainage off of the annex. The issue is ice builds up, and it causes ice and dangerous conditions in the winter.

Technology Projects-Heather is helping with the students that don't have Wi-Fi at home.

Travis Bauman brought the Board up to where they currently are with homeschooling using the internet for all lessons. Triangle telephone will meet with, Box Elder, Rocky Boy, and Big Sandy. They visited with how they can get high-speed Wi-Fi to all the students. They are trying to make sure all computers are working correctly. Working with teachers, they will be using Google Hang Out Meet so they can talk to students face to face. They understand some houses will have old routers, which will need to be replaced. Travis will work with Triangle Telephone to remedy this issue. They have heard from the Board of the Triangle telephone, and they are considering covering the cost to increases the Wi-Fi coverage. They are very supportive of the needs of students.

They voted for a formal School Closures declaration per required by law so that is would be a legal closure and keep funding intact.

Superintendent Kelly Haaland informed the board members that although they are planning to continue at least the end of the school year just in case. After some discussion including the hope they could have chat rooms with the use of skype and face time. Kelly said, "We have enough technology; we can get this done. The key is continuity and consistency."

Certified contracts were given to Shelbi Darlington, Katie Hanson, Demrece Keller, Sheri Moore, Traci Rodewald, Amy Terry, Samantha Weaver, and Calista Worrall from the elementary school. From the High School TJ Bond, Christine Brumwell, Larry Brumwell, Shersteen Cline, Melanie Schwarzbach, Layne Taylor, Tucker Taylor, Shaela Wallen, Monika Winderl, and Kira Witmer received certified contracts as well.

A preliminary budget was approved. The school district does have enough monies and will not be increasing any mills. The final budget will be approved in August.


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