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Congratulations Class of 2020!


May 20, 2020

Not your traditional graduation, but it made me cry just the same. It was a beautiful hot day, the weather held, and the sun shined right into parents’ faces.

It started with the graduates walking from downtown to the football field. The streets were lined with residence cheering and throwing confetti. Girls on one side and boys on the other side as they walked, not in a single line but almost. Like they were tackling their future together.

The names of each senior were read along with scholarships and honors each was rewarded. The list is published in the paper.

There were three speeches, Erin Taylor Salutatorian, Hope Gasvoda Valedictorian, and Heather Wolrey, school principle. Heather’s address is published here.

“Good Evening Graduates, Families, Staff, friends, and all of you watching online. I am very honored to be here speaking at this unforgettable graduation as we honor this very special class during this very special time in our world.”

“Because this is such a crazy time in our world, I promise to keep this speech short and sweet. I have some awards to announce that I had the staff and the students help me with and then I have a special gift to give the Class of 2020. So, let’s just jump right in with awards. These are the old traditional Most Likely to awards.”

“Most likely to become President goes to Bailey Gasvoda.

Most likely to cure the common cold- Hope Gasvoda

Most likely to write the next Harry Potter- Jeremiah Genereux

Most likely to be on a Reality Show- Brock Proulx

Most likely to be a famous musician- Erin Taylor

Most likely to win an Olympic Gold Medal- Ryan Roth

Most likely to travel the world- Audrey Sipler

Most likely to become a veterinarian Faith Gasvoda

Most likely to come back and teach here- Brooke Schwenke

Most likely to join the CIA- Stacey Allderdice

Most Outspoken- Hunter Jappe

Most Unforgettable- Clint Darlington

Most likely to survive the Hunger Games- Caedon Tielking

Most likely to brighten your day- Seanna Demontiney

Most likely to make a million- Amanda Cline

Most likely to become a comedian- Elijah Wagoner

Most likely to end up on Broadway- Everett Works

Most likely to be your Boss- Lainey Gregory.”

“So now onto my special gift for the Class of 2020. Back in the fall, when the world was normal, I asked them what their class motto was, and they told me, “That’s a wrap, like saran” by Tay-K. I think first I laughed and then I said, Seriously? They assured me they were serious, so I decided to look up where this quote came from and found that it’s a part of a song with lots of not appropriate words, and it’s written by a guy that’s not a great role model. So, I told them they couldn’t have the quote, and they needed to find something better. But now that the year has ended up so weird and everything in your Senior year got so crazy, I got to thinking about that quote and how it truly fits the situation. So, my gift to you Seniors is your class motto back,

Congratulations class of 2020, I know without a doubt you will move mountains. I am very proud of the people you have become, and I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you do! And now there’s just one more thing to say- That’s a wrap, like Saran.”

The traditional slide show of each graduate’s life, which is always shown during graduation, was not shown, even though the seniors wanted it to be a part of their ceremony. The sun was still too high and too bright, and no one could have seen the slides, although they had a large screen up and in the shadows. However, the slideshow was given to each senior so they could watch it in their homes.

And to finalize the day once again the motto, “It’s a wrap.”


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