The Big Sandy Mountaineer -

Parade for the Big Sandy Nursing Home residence


May 20, 2020

I had to go. I knew it would be heart-warming to watch a parade that was formed just so people at the nursing home could get outside. It was a beautiful day; the sun was shining, and there wasn't any wind.

They waited till the Sheriff's car came around the corner, followed by several people driving their cars by so they could wave and tell them hello! A motorcycle went by, an old blue pickup, a red corvette with my grandchildren in it, an old built car, I didn't know what make it was, there were new cars and just plain everyday cars.

Everyone waved as Krystyl Kulbeck walked by with her new baby! Next came a ton of people--children wearing costumes and high school kids walking their dogs-lots of children riding their bikes. Pastor Sean Janssen and his family walked by holding hands dressed in the color of the rainbow. I loved it when Jessica Siestsema and son walked by. They waved and smiled so happily!

Veterinary Erica Chauvet and family drove by with everyone holding a flag and waving. There was one political car with big American flags asking people to vote for their candidate.

Three grown-up women walked by using briefs has a face mask.

A favorite was a daddy pushing his daughter in a gold wrap with a sign that read, my pot of gold!

One grade school girl was wearing a swimsuit and dancing inside her car.

Ok, it wasn't a typical parade, but it made me cry just the same. It was people caring about people. It was getting out and celebrating each other. I loved that we are teaching our children to remember to care. I loved the fact that every age was represented, that both men and women participated. It was a great idea.


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