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City Council Meeting approved local Swim Meet


June 17, 2020

The Big Sandy City Council met and used the majority of its time to discuss the town's pool opening information. As well, the Big Sandy Barracuda's swim team presented to the city council a plan to hold a local swim meet. It was discussed and approved that the swim team could hold a swim meet. There was a plan, submitted to the Chouteau County Health nurse, which met the needs of Phase 2, and the city council also approved it. (On a side note, the Big Sandy City Council has approved plans to re-open the pool, where other towns and cities have not. The council and the pool manager, Leslie Gregory, must be commended for working hard to comply with Chouteau County Health regulations and getting the pool open for the year.)

According to Mayor Shaud Schwarzbach, the hayfield, the pivots are on, look much better than it did last year. The city has hired 406 Agronomy, from Havre, to help with some consulting to make the land healthier where the wastewater is run. They applied some fertilizer and sprayed the area. Mayor Shaud Schwarzbach said, "It might still be stunted from the wastewater, but much approved over last year." Chauvet has a long-term lease with the city for land use, but it has not worked the way the engineers said it would. Therefore, the town and Shane Chauvet are both invested in finding a way for the wastewater to work better. The wastewater that is placed on the land has, in the past, created some problems for hay production.

The easements for the North Central water pipeline are all done except for a couple that are close to Box Elder. The project is going forward.

Rotary and a local citizen were present at the city council meeting to discuss the Walking Trail/sidewalk being proposed. Shaud commended Rotary for the work the put into the project and receiving the money for the project, but reminded them that there was still not a final proposal presented to the city for approval. The path project will need to be reviewed, and as it goes forward, landowners will need to be heard.

"Storm Drain project all the applications are in, so they are in the pipeline for presentation for the next legislation, said Mayor Schwarzbach. There will be several public meetings allowing for town people to have some input when or if the project is selected.

There was no Fourth of July celebration discussed.


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