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June 24, 2020

One of the most favorite parts of the Big Sandy Mountaineer is the Old Timers section. It is research and written by Vicki Kulback and Lois Gay. When you see them on the street, acknowledge them for their continued support of our community and its history.

The Big Sandy Museum is being affected by the COVID-19. It is open by appointment only in June. So, if you would like to take a relative or two down to the Museum to see our history call and someone will meet you and open it for you. They will wait and see what happens further in the summer.

The cost of running the Museum is currently being supported by a Lippard/ Clawiter Grant to the Library, but many have continued to support the Museum by sending checks through the mail since they weren't able to have their Memorial Day Breakfast.

I was given a small handout created in 1997, celebrating ten years. In part, it reads, " In 1987, a handful of folks formed the Big Sandy Historical Society to gather and preserve the history of our community." They worked tirelessly to build a Big Sandy Museum and published a book of histories called "A Gathering of Memories." There are still a few of those for sale at $45. If you don't have one, it makes for great reading, telling the history of the area!

If you haven't seen the Museum, which is hard to believe, there is the General Mercantile Store, the Military Exhibit, the trapper's Cabin, the Bank, and the Homesteader's Shack and the Wall of Fame.

Linda Ophus is President, Earl Boettcher is Vice-President, and Tina Rodewald is treasurer. Tina came to Big Sandy in 2006 and said there is some great stuff in the Museum. "They had an ad in the paper, so she decided why not. Tina wanted to get to know her new home. She worked there for two summers before being on the board. "There is a lot of good stuff here. I get something new from it every day."

If anyone has a family member from this area who has passed away, they can pay $75, and their picture will be placed in the Hall in Remembrance.

Contact Tina if you want to use the meeting room. "We do need to adhere to the rules, but it is doable."


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