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Let's order shirts, Bahnmiller doing screeen printing


June 24, 2020

For four years, Cassie Bahnmiller has made a small nitch business by selling her Gourmet Krispies treats. She has so many customers that like to do pre-orders, so when she does make them, she always sells out. Cassie is famous around here for her Gourmet Krispies treats Reese's, Snickers, Oreo, S'mores, and Turtle. Turtles are my favorite.

But Cassie's husband says she collects hobbies. She has started a new business or "hobby" by making home-made silk-screen shirts. Cassie does the screen printing all by hand. "I make the screen. It works best if you already have a logo you want to use." She's not comfortable in designing a logo necessarily, but once you have you want your logo to be, she can make a screen, custom made for her customer, even if it's a complicated logo. She can't do hats but is willing to do T-shirts, long-sleeve T-shirts, sweats, hoodies, pants, sweat pants, and shorts. You can pick out any color of clothing apparel you want and any color you would like the print to be.

Cassie can do the Pioneer logo but would like you to get approval before using it.

She charges $20 to make the screen, a one-time fee because Cassie keeps the screen forever. T-shirts run $7, and sweatshirts run $15, up to extra-large. It is more expensive if you buy from 2X-5X size.

Cassie can get almost any color of shirt you may want, and you pick the color of ink you want on your logo.

I asked her why she got into custom t-shirts, and she said they needed some farm t-shirts, and they were so expensive to buy, so she decided to make them herself. And she added, with a laugh, "I collect hobbies. I have enjoyed what I have done so far.

So, now, it's up to the community to support her new "hobby"/business. If you have a t-shirt or sweatshirt that needs to be made, or maybe a pair of custom made sweatpants. I think now it would be fun to have an all custom made shirt for myself, or I have an idea to give them as a gift.


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