Letters to the Editor


July 1, 2020

Letter to the Editor,

I’d like to thank you with love Zoe for the very special poster size pictures honoring our awesome 2020 Seniors, displayed in our businesses along main street. A very thoughtful gift in this dark confusing time to lift our seniors. Also, thanks to all the businesses for letting you hang them all. Thank you to for the spotlight recognition of our awesome Class of 2020 in your Mountaineer.

To our Special Principal Wolery, and great teacher,

How well you know our kids, all of them. The Senior Spotlights, a wonderful gift to our Class of 2020 from you. What and effort of time and lots of work to gather a few personal notes from Mom’s to add to your personal remarks for each one. To top off your gift you were asked on spot last minute to give the commencement address to this Class of 2020 and you addressed each one and to a tee their personalities. You are a blessing to our school and the community. Thank you.

And Dear Editor,

Let’s not forget our Homecoming Committee 2020,

Calvin and Michelle Danreuther, Darin and Lisa Genereux, Don and Dolly Weaver, and Jeff and Barbie Herzog. Your theme “Pioneer Heros” 2020 Homecoming is a great theme. Your first card save the date! Was eye catching informative and really cool. The rescheduled card also great. You have worked four years, this last year especially hard, getting everything it takes to make Homecoming the best for us all. And then to have to postpone it a year, all the work continues. So many things to change and reschedule,

As I’ve been there done that and was honored to be selected to be part of a Homecoming Committee, I know a little about all the challenging preparations, headaches, fears of whether all the little things that turn out to be so much bigger. To the Homecoming 2020+1 Committee, we are looking forward to all you’ll have ready for alumni. Classmates, family, and friends to celebrate us all as “Pioneer Heros” pulling thru this awful pandemic. Stay safe and Take care.

Deanna Genereux

Big Sandy, MT


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