The Big Sandy Mountaineer -

Special Meeting of the City Council


July 8, 2020

The City Council meeting with the Big Sandy Barracudas and the newly formed New Pool Committee was held. There were two items on the agenda. The Barracudas were pursuing permission to hold another swim meet in Big Sandy. This meet would take two days, and they would be inviting a few other towns to the event.

Preliminary approval from Angel Johnson, the County Health Nurse, was brought for the council to review. There were a couple of items still be worked through. The board gave tentative approval for the swim meet to be planned, which would be held Saturday and Sunday, July 25thand 26th. Everybody agreed with the city council members that they could start making plans for the meet, but there was some concern that COVID-10 was increasing, so they wanted to make it clear if COVID-19 became worse they would have the option of canceling the event.

There are plans to make the event more comfortable to watch, with three lanes instead of two. Removing some of the slats from the fence during the event, but replacing them when the event is over, makes it easier for people to see the swimmers. They will also remove the slide, but it will be returned after the meet is over. Also, they will be more strict about who is on the pool deck and when they can come on the deck. The city council wanted to make sure the lifeguards got their time in and were not shortened hours.

They also want to make the park more presentable.

There will be a more solid plan with details to be worked out, so everyone is on the same page. Timelines need to be firmed up.

The second item on the agenda was fundraising for a new pool. The committee wanted to make sure all fundraising would be clear and transparent. They wanted to make sure there was no confusion about what money was swim team funds and what money was given for the sole purpose of raising money for a new pool.

The City Council decided they would talk to their accountant to determine how best to proceed, but they supported the idea that the funds raised for a pool would not be in the swim team’s coffers.


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