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July 15, 2020

I have three ways to renew myself during these crazy times. It's challenging to stay positive without jumping on the bandwagon and criticize everything that is going on. I am determined to live above these circumstances and remain joyful and positive. The most important of the three is to spend time reading my bible, doing devotions, and finding time for solitude just to breathe and find peace.

The second way is to think about other people. Prioritize the day so that we can find the time and a way to bring joy into someone else's life. Nothing is better at lifting our moods, then when we think of another person besides ourselves. What will help us the most during these times is being supportive of each other, refusing to go down the same adverse road. Nothing makes the day go better than a smile of another person. Plan an activity that isn't about yourself. Maybe even do the deed in secret. I was thinking of the spirit of Christmas in July. That's what we need.

The third way is more personal and reflective for me. I love finding the beauty in photographs of the land we live on. Getting outside and discovering every day how beautiful our world is can be very therapeutic. I offer these landscape photos as an example of what you will find as you see the world around you like it was new every day.


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