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September 23, 2020

I cannot let September slip by without putting information out about this month being National Sewing Month. The past six months have sparked a surge of more people sewing. Motivations of why people sew vary from stress reliever to a way to save money, although many would say it is an expensive hobby.

If you are worried about the cost of sewing, by taking some time to do a little research on the web, you can find a lot of free or low-cost supplies to get you going on fun and creative projects. Simply type in a search for “free sewing patterns” or use search words particular to what you are looking to make. You will find a whole array of ideas – likely too many. There are many people online who share the joy of sewing and post free tutorials, sew alongs and patterns. Many are posted regularly so you have access to new ideas continually. I have found and used many patterns which can be downloaded and printed right from your home printer. For clothing patterns, it does take a little work and time to tape them together, like a puzzle, but I find it is worth it.

In addition to finding patterns and ideas online, you can also find people who want to sell or give away fabric or other sewing related supplies, even sewing machines. Take some time to ask questions and request to test “drive” the sewing machine, if possible. You may have a treasure of resources right down the road or street from you. Ask your friends and neighbors or check out garage sales and secondhand stores.

No sewing machine or find you are more relaxed sewing by hand? You have many great options available as well. Check out This company takes upcycling and handmade garments to a whole new level of artistry.

If you do not have access to the internet to search for the above mentioned resources, please contact me to find alternative ways to help you get connected into the amazing world of sewing.

To learn more, contact Janell at the Chouteau County Extension Office at 622-3036, or in the green building next to the Chouteau County Courthouse at 1308 Franklin St in Fort Benton.

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