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Big Sandy Organics has new owners


December 9, 2020

Two weeks ago, Thomas and Heather Dilworth purchased the Big Sandy Organics, a local business, from Bob and Ann Quinn. Heather said, "The Kamut is an awesome product. We hope to bring on some other healthy snacks, a different variety of snacks, and expand in the lentils, chickpeas, and add a couple of flavors."

In the meantime, they have added a whole second lever in the shop, doubling their space. In their future, they hope to add a little retail front to the shop.

They are working towards and praying for growth. Heather said, "We are looking for national distribution." They are going to sign with Quality Foods, which supplies food to Town Pump.

Another place they are currently providing the Tsampa barley for Patagonia. Amazon has reached out to them to see how they can help market their product. They are also working with a few other people.

Heather said, "God did so much to help us buy this company, so they know this is what they are supposed to be doing." They will be making their current home the business's office when they move into their almost done new home.

"We want to promote healthy snacks for people, and we want to create jobs in Big Sandy, sustainable jobs."

"We have received tremendous support from the community during this process. There have been many that have made this possible, but we would like to give an extra special thank you to Bob and Ann Quinn, Shaud Schwartzback, and Shane Ophus for all they have done personally to help us make this happen. Without them, this all wouldn't be happening."

They also want to recognize Randy Edwards "for all his hard work to help us keep this company going."

Thomas told me they hope to establish a Big Sandy Organics Foundation to establish a program called "Shared Goodness." They would like to acknowledge people who do for other people, so if you would like to recognize someone who has helped you, contact them at 378-2266. They believe there are many people in Big Sandy, who has shared goodness with others. As part of that program, they hope to have their employees do some community service projects as part of their job description. Cleaning up Big Sandy or helping people who need help.

"We look forward to creating jobs in this community and a very prosperous 2021."


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