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January 20, 2021

I recommend you cut this out of the paper and tape it to a kitchen cabinet so it’s easy to find. Our strongest influences in government is local and state wide.

You can find a large variety of information on the web site. There is so much information on that site. You can watch or listen to all the discussions. You can now testify without going to Helena. Testimony and supporting documentation must be submitted by noon the day before the hearing begins however. Need to verify a bill is scheduled for a hearing? Need to look up committee information? Need to look up Budget and Finance information?

To Contact Governor Greg Gianforte you can find his information and email him at His address is Office of the Governor PO Box 200801 Helena, MT 59620-0801 Toll Free number is 855-318-1330; Phone number is 406-444-3111; Fax 406-444-5529

Our District Representatives are:

Senate district SD14 Senator Russ Tempel

Contact information Primary phone 406-265-0990


PO Box 131

Chester MT 59522

House District HD27

Representative Josh Kassmier

Contact information Primary phone 406-781-5386


PO Box 876

Fort Benton, MT 59442-0876

Or Call for General Legislative questions 406-444.3064

Or Contact by Mail:

Montana State Legislature

State Capitol

PO Box 201706

Helena MT 59620-1706


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