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The ABC's of Why I love You, Mothers!


May 12, 2021

The ABC’s of Why I love You, Mothers!

FE Miley Kindergarten class of 2020-2021

A is for always. “You always care about me.” Kirren Overbay

B is for beautiful. “You are beautiful because you wear makeup.”

C is for care. “You show you care about me when you help me.” Hudson Baumgarn

D is for dear. “You are dear to me because you love me.” Belle Goodman

E is for encourage. “You always encourage me to clean my room.” Riley Echols

F is for fun. “We have fun together when you play with me.” Owen Terry

G is for grateful. “I am grateful for you because you give me hugs.” Peyton Sant

H is for happy. “You make me happy because you play chalk with me.” Evony Parker

I is for impressed. “I am impressed by you when you make pancakes.” Charlotte Bahnmiller

J is for joy. “You bring you to my life when you buy me a unicorn.” Avery LaBuda

K is for kind. “You are kind to me when you help me get ready for school.” l Georgia Silvan

L is for listen. “You listen to me when I ask you if I can have a snack. Kirren Overbay

M is for make. “I like it when you make cake.”

N is for notice. “I always notice when you do the dishes.” Hudson Baumgarn

O is for outstanding. “You are outstanding at tieing my shoes.” Belle Goodman

P is for proud. “I am proud I belong to you because you love me. Riley Echols

Q is for never quit. I hope you never quit when you fall off your bike.” Owen Terry

R is for really. “I really want you to know that I love you.” Peyton Sant

S is for special. “You are special because you always read me a book.” Sarabella Morsette

T is for tough. “Sometimes I have to do hard things and you help me. Something tough you have helped me with is folding my clothes.” Charlotte Bahnmiller

U is for Unique. “There is no one like you. You are unique because you help other people. Lila Butler

V is for very. “ You are very important to me because you love me. “ Ruthie Boyce

W is for wish. “If I had one wish for you, I would wish for you to have a candle.” Karrighan


X is for XOXO, hugs and kisses I send your way.

Y is for many more years that I want to spend with you.

Z is for a zillion times you have shown your love to me.


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