The Big Sandy Mountaineer -

Letter to the Editor


August 18, 2021

Dear Big Sandy,

I am encouraging everyone to get vaccinated.

In reflecting on the past, it has been over 35 years since I came to Big Sandy and was given a chance as a young man to lead the saving and rebuilding of the Medical complex. But the credit goes to the community who came out and provide their time, leadership, funding and labor so that there would be health services in Big Sandy.

I was absolutely amazed at the grassroots effort that went into the construction of the facility. I was told by an elder that “it has something to do with the old Pioneer spirit, where everyone looked out for each other on the Prairie”.

Even for me, being new to the community, I would get calls from people I did not know asking if I needed anything or to be invite over for a holiday meal.

Now Big Sandy is faced with an invisible threat to its elders, children and local businesses by a deadly virus. Its time once again that Big Sandy Pioneer spirit needs to prevail so that Big Sandy community and its future generations can endure into the Future.

Please look out for each other and get vaccinated.


JAY toth, DrPH (doctor of Public Health)


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