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Big Sandy School Board votes to open exercise room to public


August 25, 2021

At the last Big Sandy School Board Meeting, they voted to open the Fitness Center to the public again. The exercise room was first closed because of COVID-19. Recently they needed to put new flooring in the area, which also required to be sealed, so it was closed until that was finished. Anyone wanting to use the exercise equipment must sign in at the office during the day. Right now, the area is also open between 4-8 Monday through Thursday and possibly Friday. They are asking teachers to oversee the work area per insurance liability concerns. If you would like to work out in the early morning and the custodians are aware of your presence and are ok with it, you may also work out at that time. The area will also be open during the day, but not when the rooms are used for class instruction. When door cards are available, they will cost $10 a month.

The Student Council gave its first report of the new year. The vending machine is packed and ready for the new year.

The Booster Club reported the new lockers for the boy’s Locker Room are in place, and the project has been completed.

Three maintenance reports included a $26,000 repair for a part for the make-up tank on the boiler. Also, the new phones are completely installed. The new door cards should be installed “anytime now.”

Travis Baumann, Big Sandy School Tech Coordinator said he had ordered 40 new Chrome Books for the 2nd and 8th graders.

New hires include substitute teachers were Jeramie Erie and Hannah Williams. Jarrett Jacobi was hired as a substitute bus driver. Dianna Keane was again employed as a half-time guidance counselor responsible for scholarships/dual credits and a half-time student therapist. Also hired was a new assistant volleyball coach Maddison Ferguson.

Kitchen staff, custodians, bus drivers, and activities bus drivers all received pay raises.

They also updated the math curriculum.

The final budget for the new school year has been approved. Contact the Big Sandy High School and talk to Maryetta Engels if you would like to review the budget.

This year Covid-19 masks are optional, but they are working with the County health nurse, and if there is a drastic increase in Covid-19, masks may be required at a further date. There are still some ongoing discussions about vaccines and how to proceed because the new law just voted on during the legislation that cannot mandate Covid 19 vaccines and the CDC recommendation.

Board goals will be discussed in September.

The majority of the school board’s work during the school year is reviewing and handling the 445-page policy manual. You can check that policy on their website. It is located up in the right-hand corner of the site. The policies reviewed and voted on at this meeting may not have been updated. They included District policy and procedures; Uniform Complaint Procedure; Student Instruction; School Calendar and Day; Digital Academy Classes, School Closures; Religion and Religious Activities; Graduation requirements; Work-Based Learning Program, Policy; Work-Based Learning Affiliation Agreement; Work-Based Learning Program insurance; Entrance, Placement and Transfer Enrollment and Attendance Records, Student of Legal Age, Part-time attendance; and Sexual Harassment Grievance Procedure-Students.


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