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New Sports Reporters Enjoy Involvement


September 8, 2021

They are new to our community. Would you please welcome Gary and Carolyn Mosier? I am so excited for them to be here because they volunteered to help me cover the sports in our community, which can be challenging at times. Difficult to catch coaches and stats because an article is much more than the score.

They moved to Big Sandy after they retired to help out at Big Sandy Organics Gary was a facility's manager after he retired from doTERRA essential oils. Carolyn was an office manager and an editor for a small-town newspaper. She is also a grant writer. They came to help their son, Thomas Dilworth. Big Sandy Organics has gotten larger quickly; in fact, they are looking for land to meet the demands of the business. Carolyn and Gary both have skills that Big Sandy Organics could use. Carolyn is also a life coach, which she mostly does on Zoom. It is because of technology that she can coach from anywhere. One of her clients lives in Ireland.

Carolyn's philosophy is "Don't rust outwear out."

They both went back to college in their later years. Gary graduated in social work, and Carolyn graduated in Intergenerational Programing. She says, "I love people of all ages."

The fun part is they live out their philosophy by always going forward. Carolyn and Gary won the 2009 International Film Festival for scriptwriting. Carolyn told me, "G-pa is a fun script. We never thought we would win it, but it was fun to write." I research the award and found this from the Daily Herald written on March 28, 2009. "The screenplay that turned over the couple's new leaf is "G-pa," a warmhearted story about Henry, a curmudgeonly grandfather who's dismayed to receive a unique parting present from Margaret, his recently deceased wife. Margaret has saved enough money for the couple's adult children to enjoy a luxury cruise, but Henry will be staying at home ... as a reluctant babysitter to his 13 rambunctious grandchildren."

They love living in Big Sandy, but "hanging out with Grace is my favorite part."

However, writing sports articles will be a unique experience. Carolyn said, "When I was newspaper editor, I assigned that. Be patient with us. We aren't pros. I think it is nice for young people to have clippings from a newspaper. It is a way we can give to the community."

Gary said, "I'll support Carolyn and proofread her sports stories. We won't be able to travel to all the events." They plan on watching it on the internet when the games are out of town.

Welcome to our big small town.


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