Pioneers run over the Knights 57-18


October 13, 2021

Big Sandy defeated North Star this week 57-18. After a shut-out game against Box Elder last week, the Pioneers had to put in more defensive effort for this week’s win and proved to be up for the task, and the offensive proved themselves as well. While it was a slow start in the first quarter, the Pioneers scored twice then picked up their game in the second quarter. While the defense gave up two touchdowns, their offense put five more touchdowns on the board before halftime. They scored one touchdown in the third and fourth quarters, giving up one more touchdown to the Knights in the fourth quarter.

Coach Jappe was pleased with his team’s performance and had this to say. “They started slow, but they always end up strong. They don’t do well in the first quarter, then tear it up in the second quarter. They threw the ball well and caught the ball well. ‘ Jappe was also pleased with his defense and is confident they will do well in next week’s game against Valier.

I caught up with Lance Rutledge to get his perspective, and he felt that “Everyone played well, and I am glad I’m on the team that I’m on - love the guys.” He felt the team will do well going forward, “If we can keep healthy and come out like we mean to play football, we’ll do just fine.” Asked about the first quarter issues, he felt the solution was “we have to come out and play in the first half and not play down to our competition.” I thought that was a great insight, and I look forward to seeing that solution going into effect next week.

First Quarter:

The first touchdown of the evening came when #13 Braydon Cline completed a 5-yard pass to #2 Rusty Gasvoda, who took it into the endzone. The Knights blocked Cline’s kick attempt. 6-0 Big Sandy

A pass attempt by the Knights was intercepted by #2 Rusty Gasvoda, who then ran it all the way back for a Touchdown. Cline was not able to make good on his kick attempt. 12-0 Big Sandy

Second Quarter:

The Knights were forced to punt on their fourth down, and the ball was received by #17 Lane Demontiney, who ran it back 60 yards for a Pioneer touchdown. The two-point conversion run by #13 Braydon Cline was good. 19-0 Big Sandy

After the touchdown #13, Braydon Cline made a long kicked off to the North Star 30-yard line only to have #4 on the North Stars team returned it for a Knight touchdown. Their kick attempt was no good. 19-6 Big Sandy

A fourth Pioneer touchdown was made when #13 Braydon Cline completed an 18-yard pass to #2 Rusty Gasvoda in the endzone. The point-after kick by #13 Braydon Cline is no good. 25-6 Big Sandy

A 53-yard pass from #13 Braydon Cline pass to #17 Lane Demontiney sealed the fifth Pioneer touchdown, and the 1-point conversion run by #13 Braydon Cline was good. 32- 6 Big Sandy.

When the Knights were again forced to punt, #55 Lance Rutledge blocked their punt attempt and recovered the ball for a sixth Pioneer touchdown. The one-point conversion pass by #13 Braydon Cline to #17 Lane Demontiney was no good. 38-6 Big Sandy

After receiving the kick-off, North Star successfully moved down the field, and #19 made a 15-yard run into the endzone for the Knight’s second touchdown of the evening. Their point after kick by #19 was no good. 38-12 Big Sandy

The Pioneer Offense pushed back and took a 44-12 halftime lead with a three-yard run by #13 Braydon Cline into the endzone. The two-point conversion pass by #13 Braydon Cline to #32 Darrell Sunchild was unsuccessful. 44-12 Big Sandy.

Third Quarter

As far as touchdowns, the third quarter was far milder until the only touchdown in the quarter was made when #13 Braydon Cline completed a 62-yard pass to #2 Rusty Gasvoda for another Pioneer touchdown. The two-point conversion run by #13 Braydon Cline was good. 51-12 Big Sandy

Fourth Quarter

#13 Braydon Cline completed a 23-yard pass to #16 Kody Strutz for a Touchdown. The one-point conversion run by #3 Cooper Taylor was unsuccessful. 57-12 Big Sandy

The final touchdown of the evening was made by North Star when #17 made a successful six-yard into the endzone. The conversion kick by #17 was no good. 57-18 Big Sandy


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