Big Sandy pulls together to help Kandi Marino


October 27, 2021

"I selected the crescent wheat grass bale for Kandi because crescent wheat is really tough grass. It grows anywhere. It survives really harsh conditions. It's just a fighter. That's why I selected that one for Kandi. Because Kandi is a fighter. She's gonna make it. She's gonna blow through this surgery and she's gonna come out shining." - Shane "Crested Wheat is tough, but cow's love it. Some of those cows will choose a crested wheat grass bale over an alfalfa bale any day. It must be life candy for cows. Cows love to eat it. It's tough but it's sweet." - Erica

"I had someone say to me that Mom paid it forward to everybody in the community for 30 years. Now everybody is paying her back to her for paying it forward," explained Billy Pierce in describing the outpouring of love, support and generosity for his mother, Kandi Marino. Kandi, a well-loved member of our community, needs a new kidney. The weekend of October 8th-10th, the community gathered together to raise money for medical expenses. It all started with a bale of hay.

Friday evening, a truckload of hay was auctioned off to raise money for the Big Sandy EMS. Shane Chauvet, who donated the...

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