Baroque Concert Tour visits Big Sandy

Sonata Tramontana -- “across the mountains,” Perhaps you have heard the saying by the old composer? “If it ain’t Baroque, don’t fix it!”

This joke may be a groaner, but the upcoming free concert by Baroque Music Montana is sure to bring smiles and applause. The concert is Friday, November 12, 2021 at Big Sandy United Methodist church at 7:00pm. All are welcome. For everyone’s health, the church requires masks to be worn during the concert and can provide them at the door. Refreshments will follow the concert.

Carrie Krause, playing the Baroque Violin and John Lenti, on an enormous 14-string lute called a Theorbo (thee-or-bow) will play several compositions from the 17th century in their concert tour, Sonata Tramontana -- “across the mountains,” Montanan Carrie Krause is a niece of the former Reverend Connie Cranston, who was a pastor in Big Sandy UMC. This concert is offered free to the Big Sandy community in her memory

What is Baroque music? Baroque was the popular music in the 1600-1750 long before large symphonies of Mozart, Beethoven and other classical music composers. Two or more musicians, usually family or friends, would gather to play the light-hearted music, with complicated melodies that would weave in patterns between the instruments. Violins, harpsichord (early version of piano), lutes and other stringed instruments are typical of Baroque ensembles. The music became popular and outgrew the family parlours, forming larger orchestras. Famous Baroque music includes Handel’s Messiah, Canon in D by Johann Pacelbel (you have probably heard this at a wedding!), Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto’s. This music is lively and provides rich imagery for the listener’s ear and imagination.

Baroque Music Montana is pleased to offer advance sales in both CD and digital formats, of BaMM’s inaugural recording, Sonata Tramontana, available through their website as well as at concert locations. This will be the first commercially-released period instrument recording in Montana, featuring sublime sonatas from 17th century Germany especially suited for violin and lute, to soothe the cravings of the soul.

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