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Book review by Micheal


April 20, 2022

At Risk is a suspense novel by Patricia Cornwell. It is a story about Winston Garano, a detective. He is called out from the National Forensic Academy in Tennessee to go to Massachusetts to help his Defense Attorney boss to solve a 20-year-old unsolved case using the latest DNA technology.

But the DA foolishly makes the case public, causing a chain reaction of violence, greed, blackmail, and tensions to flare during the investigation. Winston’s boss is Monique Lamont, a stubborn woman intent on getting things done her way and running for governor. During the investigation, a home invasion happens to Monique, which causes both her and Winston to wonder if it’s related to the case. And through it all, Winston enlists his Forensic Academy friend named Sykes to help with the 20-year-old unsolved case. Winston also spends his time taking care of his grandmother when he’s not working on the case, but it also affects her.

This book was such fun to read because on every page, the suspense builds, and I wanted to know what happens next! If you like reading nail-biting suspense, then At Risk is what I recommend you read. If you enjoy reading books by Dean Koontz and other well-known suspense authors, Patricia Cornwell has written many suspense novels that are sure to thrill you!


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