Robin Coyler New Cook at Senior Center


August 3, 2022

It's exciting to find a cook so experienced and passionate. Robin Coyler and John Johnson came in June for a vacation and stayed for a week to visit friends and relatives. They moved to Big Sandy in 2016 after deciding this was where they wanted to live. They have two foster children. They are glad they stayed here. It was the sense of community they wanted.

Robin's passion has always been children and the elderly, so it's the people she will be cooking for that most excites her about the job.

Menus are already planned for a whole month. "We took inventory of what was in the freezer. And I made my menu off what we had so that I could save money the first month. What is in the freezer can only last so long."

Robin is looking forward to working with Deb at the grocery store.

"After COVID, the community really needs to be boasted up." She would like to be a part of bringing the community together." Last year's storm and last month's storm show exactly the kind of spirit she knows this community has. Robin knows the community will step up, pull together like we always do, and support the center. She is excited to be a part of that.

Robin thought it was fantastic the hospital stepped up and helped feed the home-bound individuals.

She is planning, "in my head; I'm hoping to serve 135. Once people realize the center's importance, we will start seeing more people coming for home-cooked meals!"

Robin hopes to find a program for the center so that when people call, it will automatically go on the computer or cell phone so she will know how many will be ordered.

Brenda Darlington is going to be my backup. Both Brenda and Robin will take a test for food safety.

Robin mentioned she hoped to take more online classes to become a dietary manager. She has already taken Child nutrition, and Diabetes is in her family. She wants to become more knowledgeable about senior health and not just cook good meals.

Robin is so excited to start. She is looking forward to building positive relationships and supporting the community.


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