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Big Sandy Baracuddas are trying a new fundraiser: Golf Scramble Beavercreek Golf Course


August 24, 2022

This September 3rd, a golf scramble at Beavercreek Golf Course in Havre will be a fun and new way for the Barracudas to raise funds for the team and support the new swimming pool fund.

Registration opens at 7:30 am, with a Shotgun starting at 9:30 am.

There are four people on a team with a team fee of $400. They can pay in advance or pay that morning. It covers everything: the green fees, lunch, and carts. I thought it sounded like fun. And I don’t even golf. I think it’s the word shotgun scramble. I’d form a team, but a new beginner slowing the whole thing down wouldn’t be good public relations. However, if you have ever golfed, know it would be an excellent time to pull out those rusty golf clubs and support two great opportunities.

Jolin Sunchild is heading this event up and is looking for more teams! They would like to make this an annual event and hope everyone sees the value of enjoying each other, having fun together, and supporting a local fundraiser while supporting a great team.

Give it a try and see how it goes! Do you want to form a team? Call the Big Sandy Mountaineer, and I’ll help.

Jolin Sunchild is hoping this will be an annual event. Join up. Form a team. Call Jolin at 406-561-6791

The money goes to the Baracudda’s swim team and the new Big Sandy pool fund.


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