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August 24, 2022

Community Engagement

Throughout my career in education, regardless of position or the school served, one common theme has typically risen to the forefront. That theme was and is that when we work together, when the school district and the community that it serves work together in support of one another, everyone wins and those relationships and the support born from them, grow.

There are many examples of how this plays out throughout the year…booster club and other parent and community member organizations working together with the school in actively supporting the school and its staff and students are just a couple of examples of worthwhile and positive school and community engagement.

In fact, you will soon see donation bins at The Store and at both our elementary and high schools where the Big Sandy Booster Club will be collecting gently used Pioneer Gear to donate to the next generation of Pioneers. You will also see that the Big Sandy Booster Club will be hosting an upcoming bbq at our Fall Kick Off on August 23rd at 6:00 PM in support of the school, its student-athletes, and our community. I hope to see you there as I hear that the hamburgers and hot dogs will be cooked to perfection by your new Superintendent and some of your Trustees.

In the near future you will also see adult education classes being taught by staff or community members who are actively giving back and serving our community by way of quality adult education offerings. It is my hope that the community will benefit from those classes and accept this community engagement for what it is…the school district actively reaching out to the community that we proudly serve. Again, the theme continues and I appreciate that more than you will ever know.

Until Next Time,

Daniel Schrock

Big Sandy Public Schools


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