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Big Sandy Senior Center thriving in the first month


September 7, 2022

The Senior Center has been open for one month. By their own admission when it first opened, they needed to work on it to make it run smoother. They’ve done that now.

There are many things that are making it work. The most amazing thing is the number of volunteers stepping up to make it successful. They have a new working set of bylaws. The financial review has been completed, and it has been used to make a budget they can work with. Between 37 and 50 meals are being served each day. I’ve eaten there, so I know it’s good.

According to the contract, they have been working to pass a food handling test, and the board is also being trained, with more training in the future.

They want to start working on other committees now that it is successful. Program and activities will start showing up, and hopefully, a list of activities will be in the paper along with the menu for the week. Someone will be there to take blood pressure on September 12th. If you like puzzles, there is always one sitting out to work on while you enjoy visiting and drinking coffee.

They also want to start a fundraising committee. If anyone has any ideas or would like to serve on that committee, the board would appreciate volunteers for that as well.

The oven at the center needs to be worked on or it has to be replaced. The temperature is erratic, and the oven itself didn’t work one day. They have a man coming in to look at it to determine if there are parts available for the stove and if it can be fixed. If it needs to be replaced, they hope to use the Lippard-Clawiter Foundation for a grant to get a better stove and oven.

They recently ordered some hamburger and chicken through commodities. When they were first closed, a number of people said they would give meat to the center. Now would be a good time, as they have used up all their pork and beef roasts. To those who give, this whole community would appreciate it.

New board members are Sheila Duncan, Jim Labuda, Rhonda Works (406-378-3143), Wendy Kleinsasser (406-378-2232), Terry Grant (406-390-2922), and Brenda Darlington (406-378-3116). The next meeting is Wednesday, September 21st.


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