The Catholic Church's annual Harvest Fest is scheduled for Saturday, September 17th


September 7, 2022

Committee members Jessica Ophus, Judy Yirsa, Sarah Sura, and Kathy Camp have taken an idea and made it, even after just one year, an event everyone looks forward to. My grandchildren spent the entire day there last year. Jessica said she got involved by accident. It was supposed to be a different Jessica, but they called her by accident. She's glad they did, because she believes we need to do more things to celebrate.

The purpose of this article is to highlight the event, but more important, to highlight those who make it work. These are four young women who have committed to celebrating life. They have given time and effort to make it work. Most of us have ideas, but don't put feet to the ideas. This is a perfect example of what can happen if you are willing to give back to the community. Of course, it takes way more than four... And so many people volunteer to make it happen. It was designed for the entire family to enjoy. I love that there will be a dance afterwards, because I love watching families dance together. I know we all need rain, but maybe we can put up a great big tent over the band, and we all can dance in the rain! Stomp in the puddles. Ok, I'm dreaming, but what a wonderful way to end an event that was designed to celebrate at it's core.

It starts at 1:00 with numerous Carnival Games, and a Bounce House for the kids. I have no idea how many games there are, but I'm sure enough to keep your kids busy for the entire afternoon. For the adults, there is food and a beer garden, so you can enjoy your time watching your little ones laugh.

Sit and enjoy bingo and visit with your neighbors between 2-5 pm.

The Cornhole tournament starts at 3 PM. Currently, they only have two teams. It's worth putting a team together, because you can make some good money if you win. Last year's tournament winners won $400, and the Calcutta won $700. Besides-it's a fun activity for everyone to enjoy.

Jessica Ophus said, "It's fun to host the event, put it on, and get everyone together. We will celebrate all that's good with the world." Let's do it!


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