Pioneer Volleyball goes to Divisionals

"We finished the District Tournament in 4th Place. I am beyond excited that we made it to the Divisional Tournament!! Our conference was so competitive all year long. Every match was unpredictable, which was very exciting to watch! I am just glad we were able to finish and buy our ticket to Divisionals. I could not be more proud of my girls," Coach Brittany McKenney said. It was fun to watch her, too, during Districts! Coach McKenney gave the team the skills they needed to be competitive.

Big Sandy started the tournament by losing to Fort Benton in three scores: 17-25, 21-25, and 14-25.

Team Stats: Digs: 58, Assists: 14, Kills: 25, Blocks: 4. Leading the team in Digs: Jai Baumann – 14, Assists: Jai Baumann – 14, Kills: Angie Sant – 9, Blocks: Keira Galbavy - 3

Saturday, Big Sandy won both games against Box Elder and Centerville. Box Elder Scores were 25-17, 25-7, and 25-21.Team Stats: Digs: 40, Assists: 24, Kills: 29, Blocks: 2, Aces: 14 Individual Stats: Digs: Malaysia Baumann and Jai Baumann – 7, Assists: Jai Baumann – 20, Kills: Keira Galbavy – 8, Blocks: Keira Galbavy – 2, Aces: Keira Galbavy and Eva Wagoner - 4

Centerville's game was, as you can see, more exciting to watch. Scores: 24-26, 25-22, 25-18, 30-28.

Team Stats: Digs: 104, Assists: 30, Kills: 46, Blocks: 7, Aces: 6 Individual Stats: Digs: Jai Baumann – 32, Assists: Jai Baumann – 27, Kills: Angie Sant – 12, Blocks: Angie Sant – 5, Aces: Eva Wagoner - 2

We had another chance to beat Fort Benton on Saturday Morning but lost in three again in close matches. Big Sandy Scores: 21-25, 19-25, 18-25

Team Stats: Digs: 60, Assists: 15, Kills: 17, Blocks: 1, Aces: 8 Individual Stats: Digs: Angie Sant – 15, Assists: Jai Baumann – 12, Kills: Angie Sant and Keira Galbavy – 5, Blocks: Angie Sant – 1, Aces: Eva Wagoner - 3

Congratulations to the Big Sandy Girls for a well-played District tournament. They will play their first game at Divisionals Thursday at noon against Belt. Divisionals are in Chinook. It would be wonderful to have fans there!