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November 23, 2022

Principal Heather Wolery’s report was the most important and exciting at the meeting. The student enrollment is elementary 104, Jr. High 29, and High School 63. There are 52 girls and 52 boys in the elementary school. Jr. High has 12 girls and 17 boys. High school breaks down to 34 girls and 29 boys. The Student-Teacher Ration is Elementary 7:1, Jr. High 2:1, and High School 5:1. The Average class size is 15.

The average daily attendance is 95.03% in the Elementary, Jr High has 95.89%, and High School is running at 93.53%.

The percentage of students involved in Extracurricular Activities is high. The Jr High has 90% of the student participating. High School is 67%.

But here it is! The average 1st Quarter GPA for the Jr. High is 3.542, and the high school student’s average is 3.574!

The Board of Trustees held their regular meeting on November 15th. There was a rather large crowd of wrestling supporters to discuss allowing Kyle Rodewald to volunteer as an extra coach this year in the wrestling program. Tucker Taylor reported they would have up to eight wrestlers this year in the Big Sandy wrestling program. He has the largest number of athletes to wrestle since he has been coaching. He believed this was because of the commitment of Kyle Rodewald. Everyone who spoke was in favor. The board voted to allow Kyle to be a volunteer.

Melanie Schwarzbach, Athletic Director of Big Sandy High School, reported the big stuff. The football team was competing for state Champions. Of course, everyone in the room already knew that, and it brought a big smile. She also mentioned the all-state and all-conference awards given to Angie Sant. The first time Coach McKenney has had an all-state honor. As the meeting was being held, the 35-second clocks were being worked on in the gym. She asked if Joe Jurenka Jr. could work as a volunteer in the basketball program. The board approved her request. They talked about what was needed at the football field, and an extra set of bleachers from the rodeo grounds was approved. If you went to the football game, you would notice all the bleachers were packed.

Superintendent Dan Schrock mentioned his concern about old or ancient water pipes as they are breaking. He will make sure and have a report about infrastructure concerns and the cost of repairing them at the next meeting—that way; the board can make plans going forward.


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