All Pioneer Tracksters headed to Divisionals


May 17, 2023

The weather was perfect for the Big Sandy Pioneers. The Pioneer track team traveled to Havre to compete in the District 9C track meet. The District track meet had eight teams that participated. The Girl's track team placed 2nd overall and actually only lost to 1st place by Three points. The boys' track team placed 3rd overall.

The top 5 finishers in each event move on to Northern C Divisional in Great Falls Thursday the 18th, with most final events on Friday the 19th. The Pioneers had an excellent District track meet, with five boys qualifying for Divisional and 11 girls qualifying as well. Here are the district results below; there were several athletes that completed with their Personal best.

Men's results:


Cooper Taylor 1st with a PR of 11.2

Kody Strutz 10th 12.1

PRs: Wylee Snapp 12.5, Sonny Phillips 16.1, Hunter Moore 16.2


Cooper Taylor 2nd 24.03

Kody Strutz 8th 25.04

PR: Darrell Sunchild 35.7


PR: Austin Haugen 1:00

4x100 relay

2nd place with a time of 46.3

Kody Strutz, Austin Haugen, Wylee Snapp, Cooper Taylor

Shot Put

Wylee Snapp 1st 44-2.25

Ryder Galbavy 7th 36-3.5

Darrell Sunchild 9th with s PR of 34-9.5


Wylee Snapp 1st with a PR of 149-06

Cooper Taylor 2nd 124-04

Ryder Galbavy 3rd with a PR of 122


Cooper Taylor 1st with a PR of 151-10

Long Jump

Kody Strutz 5th with a PR of 18-7.5

Triple Jump

Kody Strutz 3rd 38-10.25

Women's results:


Carmen Tan 5th 14.09

Jai Baumann 7th 14.5

PR: Heather Frank 15.02


Carmen Tan 6th 29.7


Kaya Demontiney 7th 1:12

Heather Frank 9th with a PR of 1:14

Jenny Sant 10th with a PR of 1:14


Jai Baumann 3rd 19.01

Malaysia Baumann 4th 19.11


Eva Yeadon 2nd with a PR of 52.9

Kaya Demontiney 4th 55.1

Mattie Gasvoda 5th 56.02

Jenny Sant 6th 57.3


Alex Worrall 4th with a PR of 2:36

Angie Sant 8th 2:53


Alex Worrall 3rd with a PR of 6:01

Angie Sant 6th 6:25

4x100 relay

3rd place with a time of 55.8

Kaya Demontiney, Mattie Gasvoda, Eva Yeadon, Carmen Tan

4x400 relay

2nd place with a time of 4:39

Eva Yeadon, Mattie Gasvoda, Angie Sant, Jenny Sant

Shot Put

Keira Galbavy 4th with a PR of 27-06

Brianna Terry 5th with a PR of 27-02


Brianna Terry 3rd with a PR of 86-11

Tori Dixon 6th with a PR of 80-05

Keira Galbavy 10th 69-06


Keira Galbavy 2nd with a PR of 103-09

Eva Yeadon 3rd with a PR of 101-05

Angie Sant 5th 95-09

High Jump

Eva Yeadon 3rd 4-10

Triple Jump

Malaysia Baumann 2nd 32-5.75

Jai Baumann 3rd 31-10.5

Mattie Gasvoda 8th with a PR of 29-8.25

Long Jump

Jai Baumann 3rd with a PR of 15.3

Carmen Tan is 7th with a PR of 14.3

Malaysia Baumann is 9th with a PR of 14.2


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