Pioneers win first Football game of the year against Highwood 26-13


August 30, 2023

This last weekend was the first game for the Pioneers Football team against Highwood in Highwood. The computer application that tracks stats wasn't working well and the video technology wasn't very good either, but the outcome is known. The Pioneers won 26-13.

The Pioneers started with the ball first and opened the game up by running the football, but Highwood held their own on defense and stopped the Pioneers from moving the ball in the first series of the game. In their 3rd series of the game, Lane Demontiney caught the ball for some great yardage, causing their first, first down of the game. The series ended with a shot to the endzone that was broken up by Highwood's defense. The Pioneers capitalized with some great yards after a long snap over the QB's head but ended up being just shy of the first down. Wes Cox had some great tackles, and with Highwood struggling to move the ball down the field, the Pioneers got the ball back and scored a touchdown with 2:45 left to go on the clock. The Pioneers lead at the end of the 1st quarter 8-0.

Highwood's struggles continued to hurt them as they were not able to move the ball, as well as some great stops and good defense from the Pioneers. The Pioneers ended up scoring again by a one-handed snag from Lane Demontiney. Highwood ended up scoring with two minutes left in the 2nd quarter with a throw into the endzone. The Pioneers were leading going into halftime with a score of 14-6.

Highwood started the 2nd half with a kickoff from the Pioneers. Cooper Taylor had a nice tackle that saved Highwood from running the ball back and possibly scoring a touchdown. Highwood couldn't capitalize on the good field advantage, and the Pioneers got the ball back. Cooper had a nice run for a first down and some great yards for a good drive down the field. Highwood's defense held strong and stopped the Pioneers just short of the goal line. Highwood then threw an interception, and the Pioneers again got to the red zone for a chance to score but Highwood held them again, keeping the score at 14-6, with the Pioneers still winning.

Lane Demontiney started the 4th quarter with a great kick return, to set the Pioneers up for a rushing touchdown, putting them ahead of Highwood 20-6. With 2:45 left in the game, Highwood has a great catch with some missed tackles by the Pioneers, giving them a chance to score, and pulling within one touchdown. 15 seconds later on the game clock, the Pioneers scored on a kickoff return for a touchdown by Cooper Taylor, ending the game with a score of 26-13.

The Pioneers assistant Coach Tucker Taylor said, "We've got plenty to work on. It wasn't the prettiest performance, but we still got the win at the end of the day."

The Pioneer's next game is at home against Heart Butte on Friday, September 1st at 7 p.m.


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