Big Sandy Pioneer's dominate the Northstar Knights 66-7


October 18, 2023

This last Friday night was chili feed, and the Pioneer football team played the North Star Knights. The Pioneers ran away with the game-winning big, with a final score of 66-7.

The Pioneers started with the ball first and ran the ball up the field with handoffs to Lane Demontiney, and Cooper Taylor. The Pioneers faced a 4th down and 8 to go early on, but after a toss to Lane, who threw to Cooper, the Pioneers scored first with a score of 6-0. On the kickoff, Wes Cox, and Karter Jurenka both had a big tackle together, stopping North Star from advancing down the field. North Star got a 1st down after a few runs (they only had three first downs the whole game). The Knights turned it over on downs after Big Sandy stopped the run. Jake Darlington threw for 30 yards to Lane for a 10-yard run, putting the Pioneers in great field position. Jake then in turn, handed the ball off to Lane the next play, and Lane ran it in for a touchdown, and with a Ty Terry good kick, it put the Pioneers up 14-0. North Star had a tough time with the Pioneer defense and pressure. Sam Cox applied great pressure to the ball, Wes, and Cooper both had big tackles, and Ryder Galbavy had a huge throw-down tackle, making the Knights have to punt. They had a great punt of 45 yards, but with a Lane run back of 45 yards, the Pioneers were back in scoring distance with one minute left in the 1st quarter. After a Big Sandy scramble and scrappy play, the Pioneers scored again off another Cooper Taylor run with zero seconds on the clock, and with a Ty Terry good kick, the Pioneers were up 22-0 at the end of the 1st quarter.

Karter started the 2nd quarter with a big tackle on kickoff. Followed by another big combined tackle from Sam, and Cooper, for a Knights loss of yards. North Star tried to run the ball again, but Big Sandy had great defense and Ryder got an interception. The Pioneers then ate up the clock with runs from Lane and Cooper for a 1st down. Cooper received the toss and threw to Jake for the touchdown putting the Pioneers ahead 28-0. Cooper had another big tackle on kickoff, followed by another Cooper tackle, North Star then had a bad snap over the quarterback's head for a loss of 20 yards. North Star then had to punt, giving the ball back to the Pioneers. Jake threw a great pass to Cooper and took a big hit while doing it, but Cooper took the ball sprinted right past the defense, and scored again on a 40-yard run, his 3rd touchdown for the game. Ty Terry had a good kick, putting the Pioneers up 36-0. Unfortunately, North Star continued to struggle and couldn't get past the wall of defense from the Pioneers, causing them to have to punt again, and on the punt, they had a penalty, putting the Pioneers in a great position to score again. After a few tries, the Pioneers found themselves in a 4th and inches situation with 30 seconds left in the half. The Pioneers had a quick offensive play, and a handoff to Copper, who scored his 4th touchdown of the game with 3 seconds left on the clock. The Pioneers went into halftime up 42-0.

Lane, Wes, and Sam all three had a combined tackle on the kickoff to start the second half, pinning North Star deep into their own territory. The Knights then had to punt to the Pioneers. A quick handoff to Cooper, who again sprints past the defense and is gone for a 60-yard run for a touchdown, his fifth of the game. With a Ty Terry good kick, the Pioneers went up 50-0. The clock now is a running clock, and North Star is running out of opportunities to score. They did get a first down, their second of the game, but again had a bad snap for a loss of 20 yards, and the next play they had a fumble. The Pioneer's first play after the fumble is a toss to Karter, who runs the ball the length of the football field for a touchdown. And with a Ty Terry good kick, the Pioneers are now up 58-0 to end the 3rd quarter.

The 4th quarter starts with a great fumble recovery by Christian Winderl. The Pioneers then hand off the ball to Quinn Rodewald for a 1st down, and then back to Quinn on the next play for a touchdown. With another Ty Terry good kick, the Pioneers are now up 66-0. Eyon Serburn had two great tackles to slow down the Knights, but they did get on the board though with a nice wide-open run down the field, and the extra point was good, ending the game with a final score of 66-7.


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