Five Pioneer tracksters will go to State

Five Pioneers have earned their place to compete at state. Alex Worral will compete in the 800 and the mile. Darrell Sunchild and Lainey Terry both will compete in the discus. Both Sonny Phillips and Chase Gasvoda will compete in the Unified boys race.

The Pioneer tracksters spent the last couple weeks participating in District and Divisional track meets. Both the girls and boys team placed 5th at Districts. The boys team had nine boys earning the right to compete at Divsionals, and the girls team will have six competing. The top six places automatically go to Divsionals, and a couple of the girls who didn't place in the top 6 got to go, due to their times being better than other athletes from other schools. Below are the results from both track meets:

Districts:Girls Results:

100m: Elaina Weaver 7th place 14.6, Carmen Tan 14.9 9th place

200m: Carmen Tan 8th place 31.3, Heather Frank 9th place 32.1

400m: Heather Frank 8th place 1:12, Elaina Weaver 9th place 1:13, (Both participated at Divisionals)

800m: Alex Worrall 2nd place 2:36

1600m: Alex Worrall 1st place 5:50

3200: Brianna Terry 6th place 18:06

4x400m relay: PR 4:41 Heather Frank, Elaina Weaver, Alex Worrall, Carmen Tan

Shot Put: Keira Galbavy 3rd place 26-11, Brianna Terry 10th place 25-03

Discus: Keira Galbavy 1st place 91-07, Brianna Terry 8th place 72-00

Javelin: Keira Galbavy 6th place 87-05

High Jump: Keira Galbavy 7th place 4-02

Long Jump: Heather Frank 10th place 12-05

Boys Results:

100m: Karter Jurenka 7th place 12.2, Jaesun Yirsa 11th place 12.7

200m: Karter Jurenka 6th place PR 25.1

110H: Quinn Rodewald 6th place PR 20.5, Braxton 9th place 21.8

300H: Quinn Rodewald 3rd place PR 49.3, Braxton Hajenga 4th PR 49.4

4x100m relay: PR 5th place 1:29 Jaesun Yirsa, Chase Gasvoda, Hunter Moore, Sonny Phillips

Shot Put: Ryder Galbavy 4th place 37-00

Discus: Ryder Galbavy 2nd place PR 137-08

Javelin: Quinn Rodewald 1st place PR 141-02, Ryder Galbavy 6th place 125-03

High Jump: Braxton Hajenga 5th place 5'6, Jaesun Yirsa 6th place PR 5'4

Long Jump: Jaesun Yirsa 9th place 17-06, Braxton Hajenga 10th place 16-07

Divisionals: (top 6 places go to state)

Girls results:

400m: Heather Frank PR 1:10, Elaina Weaver PR 1:12

800m: Alex Worrall 5th place 2:35

1600m: Alex Worrall 3rd place PR 5:44

3200m: Brianna Terry 18:08, Kodi Boone PR 19:10

4x400m relay: 7th place 4:45 Elaina Weaver, Heather Frank, Carmen Tan, Alex Worrall

Discus: Lainey Terry 6th place 90-07

Javelin: Keira Galbavy: 8th place 95-07

Boys Results:

300H: Braxton PR 47.8, Quinn Rodewald PR 49.1

4x100m relay: PR 1:26 Hunter Moore, Dolan Sunchild, Sonny Phillips, Chase Gasvoda

Shot Put: Ryder Galbavy 10th place 39-00

Discus: Darrell Sunchild 6th place 120-04 High Jump: Braxton Hajenga 10th place 5'4

Unified results:

100m: Sonny Phillips 2nd place 17.03, Chase Gasvoda 4th place 17.8, Hunter Moore 5th place 18.1, Dolan Sunchild 6th place 18.4

Coach Wendy said in many ways this young team was a joy to coach. They worked very hard to improve. They wanted to improve. Lots of PR's during the season. Congratulations to a success track season.

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