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  • Bear Stories and interesting observations

    Dennis Nottingham|Sep 5, 2018

    Volume 13, Issue 6 of Montana Lifestyles Magazine featured a story entitled "Arthur." It described how a chihuahua called Arthur savagely charged and drove off a large black bear who was stalking my daughter midday while talking on a cell phone on a private walkway in Juneau, Alaska. Arthur had previously lived in Carter, Montana as a therapy dog for my mother. Large scratch marks on the wood deck were later measured to be only 14 feet from the prey. Arthur died recently, but left no doubt about...

  • Thank You for Your Service, Robert Ray

    Submitted by Dennis Nottingham|May 30, 2018

    It is spring, it is Memorial Day, it is a time to remember, it is a time to fly "Old Glory", and it is a time to give thanks. Earlier as I walked among military grave stones and monuments, I saw the names of those who had willingly sacrificed so all of us could live in freedom. I wondered who many of them were, and even recognized some I had known if only so briefly. One name is PFC Robert F. Ray etched under a Christian Cross on a gray tombstone and again as Bob Ray on a black granite monument...

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