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  • Drought harms more than just the landscape

    Melissa Foster|Jan 3, 2018

    Drought impacts wildlife, too. As we enter the season of complaining about the snow and cold, reminders of this summer’s drought remain in the form of haystacks, cows and pocketbooks that are all far too thin. The same is true for deer and other wildlife species. Some impacts of the drought were immediate, like low chick survival for pheasants and sharptails. Lack of moisture meant low numbers of beetles and other bugs that provide protein critical for chicks to grow during the first couple weeks of life. Poor chick production equates to d...

  • Dewatering and Turtles: no easy solution

    Melissa Foster and Brandi Skone|Aug 16, 2017

    MFWP Wildlife Biologists With the dewatering of Baker Lake well underway, there has been some concern among area residents about what will become of the wildlife inhabiting the lake, especially turtles. The dewatering is a major event. We expect the long-term impacts to be positive for wildlife, but there will be short-term disturbance and displacement, for which there are no easy solutions. Transporting turtles to other waters might sound like a kind solution, but there can be unintended negative consequences. In one study, almost half of the...

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