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March 14, 2018

Big Sandy City Council met at City Hall March 8th at 7:00. All hats were removed prior to saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Mayor Schwarzbach called the meeting to order by saying, “Steve it’s good to see you can still draw a crowd.” The first order of business was to present to the former Mayor Steve Stiles an official proclamation and plaque for his contribution to the city of Big Sandy.

Brad Moore wanted to thank the city crew, Tim LaBuda and Larry Geyer, for all their help in removing the snow from the school parking lot. He said they were always on top of it and made sure it was ready for the teachers and students arrival. Lorrie Merrill also wanted to thank the city crew commenting that she also believed they were doing an excellent job in keeping the streets open and helping numerous people who had gotten stuck in the snow.

KLJ was there to present a report concerning the water project of Big Sandy. There was a study done reviewing the lagoon, its discharge of water and the quality of the soil because of the discharge. It also made recommendations going forward on best practices. Also, Big Sandy was given approval to discharge sewage water out of the lagoon in June and in October if necessary and if they regularly test the water and report it to the state.

Bear Paw Development was not present to report on the ongoing Brown Field. During the discussion, it was noted that the town of Big Sandy can meet their financial requirement by in-kind-contributions.

The council reported they had a working meeting concerning how to determine how many lots currently do not pay toward the water and sewer. In the future, there will be a charge for inactive or vacant properties that are connected to water/sewer system. There are 110 properties that are owned but not paying. That is 25% of owned property in Big Sandy that are not supporting the new water project. There will be a city hearing to discuss this and the public is strongly encouraged to bring their concerns and question to these meetings. All public meetings will be posted

The new committee chairmen for the town of Big Sandy are:

Jon Sheehy-Police

Ted Pursley-Streets

Darin Ray-Water and Sewer

Colby Baumgarn-Parks and Council President

Lorrie Merrill reported to the council and to Colby that Big Sandy Activities would not be doing flower pots this year, due to financial cuts and regulatory changes. That would mean they will not being doing the flower beds in the park area either. If a club would like to take on the project to make money the green house and pots would be donated to them. If an individual wants to take on the project Big Sandy Activities would sell the equipment to them for a reasonable price.

The next city council meeting will be April 7th at 7:00 at City Hall.


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