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National School Walk Out for Parkland Victims


March 28, 2018

On February 14th there was a mass shooting in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. 17 students and staff lost their lives in this shooting. To honor the victims, a national school walk out was organized for students across the nation. This walk out was held a month after the Parkland shooting on March 14th. Students and staff across the nation took part in this walk out by leaving class at ten o’clock and protesting for ten minutes. Many students supported the cause by bringing signs or just participating.

Even though Big Sandy Schools did not participate in this event, the students and community still understand the seriousness of the matter. I had a conversation with Sherri Heppner, the Big Sandy High School’s secretary, about the national school walk out. Sherri understands that our school did not participate in the walk out but we as a community know that even though shootings seem far away or that it may seem less likely they will happen near us, this is still a very serious matter.

Many people participated in the walk out to honor the victims because that is the point of the matter. Although some people may of taken a different approach towards the purpose. People made signs that announced the second amendment or other gun related subjects. Even though there may have been incidents where students had to be taken away for violence or overly consumed politics about gun laws, which was never the point of the organization. Gun laws are being tested as more school and public shootings are occurring. These organizations are highlighting the process of gun laws and the second amendment’s quality.

School shootings are sadly becoming more and more common. So as people are starting to realize that we need to support the victims rather than mass media-ize the shooter or the event, more walk outs are being organized. Many schools across the nation participated in this walk out. These organizations are meant to honor the victims, their lives, and their families.

I have a few friends that participated in the walk out in Billings, Montana. She and her peers left their classes at ten o’clock and protested school shootings for ten minutes. She was very moved by this organization. She seemed to be moved that the shootings are being taken seriously and she hopes they will end. This event was meant to show a remembrance for the victims in the Parkland shooting and not to sensationalize the shooter or debate gun rights.


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