Big Sandy Art Students go to Montana Art Intersch

Recently, Miss Jaramillo has taken six students from the Big Sandy High School on an art trip known as Montana Art Interscholastics (MAI). Basically this trip was a series of art workshops for high school students in Montana. The students that attended were Seanna Demontiney, Everett Works, Sophie Reichelt, Lainey Gregory, Audrey Sipler, and Abriana Blanton. The students had an amazing time on the trip and obtained a large educational experience.

Miss Jaramillo explained that the trip was a wonderful opportunity for the students. The students got to attend several workshops that helped them with different techniques and learned processes in different art mediums. They also got to go to a different school and use new equipment and tools they have never used before. The students and Miss Jaramillo met up with a teacher and her students from Augusta, which was a good opportunity for socialization. The school gratefully funded the trip. The whole trip didn't take very much planning, Miss Jaramillo took a few students last year as well and has been talking about it throughout the year.

The students have to bring one piece of art that they have created to be critiqued in small groups. The students take the critiques into consideration which helps them with their art. In addition the students also got to learn about different arts. They got to take classes from candle making to blacksmithing. They learned about raku pottery that originated in Japan and is usually used for making tea bowls, firing techniques, and glass blowing. The students just had a blast and so did Miss Jaramillo.

The trip seemed to be a great experience for the teachers as well. The teachers attend workshops, so they can bring what they learn to their classes. Miss Jaramillo teaches all grades except for 1st and 2nd right now. She has four classes at the high school and has plenty of classes in the elementary. She really enjoys teaching in both schools and teaching so many different age groups, this definitely

keeps her on her toes. She says that art can be challenging and intimidating, but watching the students blossom and learn more on how to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas has made her so very proud. Miss Jaramillo is really excited to have new techniques and artistic views to teach her students.

They are definitely going on the trip next year! The trip was a great success (both years) and the students learned so much. The experience overall is helpful and fun for the students and Miss Jaramillo! They all can't wait to go again next year.

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