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Reichelt's talk high school memories


May 30, 2018

2018 Big Sandy Graduate Sophie Reichelt with her mom Connie Reichelt.

Sophie Reichelt was asked what is the highlight of your high school career? "Oh, this is very hard. That's positive because there are so many!"

"Ok this was really huge for me. Some people might not think so but this year I was a state champ in Science Olympia with Grace Finke in the Write It Do It event against every kid in the state of Montana. That was a really big deal for me." Mom pipes up and says, "It was a really big deal".

According to the national Science Olympia rules "In the event, one team member ("writer") is given a structure built from some sort of construction materials; the same member then writes a set of instructions on how to build it. The other team member ("doer") is given the instructions written by their teammate and a set of unassembled materials to attempt to recreate the object as accurately as possible."

Her mother, Connie Reichelt, was asked the same question, "What was the highlight of your daughter's high school career?

With lots of laughter Connie says, "That she finished. I would just have to say we were really proud of her always."

She started to tear up and then said, "I don't know this one is just really hard, because she is our last one. When they went on their senior trip our house was just so quiet. It just wasn't that long ago." Connie looks at pictures of children on Facebook and realizes her children were little just yesterday.

Sophie was picked for this interview because of her strong sense of self. She has always wanted to be herself. She was never afraid to express herself or for that matter dressed herself with her own style in mind.

Trying a variety of haircuts and color! Her mother does remember shaving her head once, a style that looked great on her by the way. Few kids have the confidence, the ability or the strength to be themselves all during high school. Sophie went out for basketball this year, because she wanted to, not because she was persuaded to because of her height. She concentrated on dance when she was younger. Sophie is also going out for the swim team this summer, although she never has been on the swim team before. She wants to because Sophie believes it is the best thing she can do for herself this summer.

She would like to be a high school English teacher. When Sophie was a soph. she had a creative writing class, with just Jessica Roth and herself. Her English teacher at the time was Kelsy Boeller. "I have always liked to write, but I wasn't into reading very much." However, because of Ms. Boeller guidance and encouragement she started reading more and she realized there was so much she didn't know. "She was such a huge influence in my life. I looked up to her so much. I want to be just like her."

Sophie's mom said, "I think it is great, she is so creative, music, draws, paints, dances, writes poetry. She has always been artistic her whole life. It fits her. I am all math and science so I marvel at my daughter"

Sophie wants to inspire others just as she was inspired. She may not know it, but she has already done that.


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