Fields Tree Removal; doing a service for Big Sandy

Patrick and Briana Fields are owners of Fields Tree Service a new business in town this summer.

He became a tree trimmer right after graduating from Big Sandy High School. His specialty is hazardous removal of dead limbs and pruning. "I'm qualified. I've been trained and certified to work around voltage lines. He worked for Associated Yard Risk and was a journeyman tree trimmer with that company for five years. "They had a contract with Northwestern and we did all sorts of stuff." He now has eight years of experience.

He owns all the equipment he needs, so you don't have to have anything yourself. He has equipment to climb with or has a bucket truck if he needs it as well. He is very flexible financially because trees that are easier to move verses removing a dangerous tree from your yard can be totally different, and if you send him a picture he will give you a ball park figure, but a bid won't be coming until he sees it. He will also work on shelter belts.

He'll be around for quite a while. Doris Gullickson said, "He does a very good job. And they clean up the entire area. I was quite impressed!" Safety is his number one concern. After all the risk is gone his son Bently, who is 6 years old, wants to help by carry out small branches and twigs. Briana part owner does most of the cleanup and during the summer. She is going to school in Helena at Carrol College to become an elementary school teacher K-3rd.

"We just want to help everyone. I just want to help the community. He sees this as a service to the community."