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October 3, 2018

We have a hidden place on our farm, where I love to go and just sit. It's a sand coulee where the Cotton Woods have grown so tall. In the spring, a river goes through there, but in the fall, it is just a dried-out water way full of different kinds of brush and Choke Cherries bushes. It is the most magical place as the leaves are so beautiful. I am reminded of a quote from John Burroughs, "How beautifully leaves grow old. How full of light and color are their last days."

You can only see the tops of the tress from the road, making it look like brush in the middle of a field. Because it is in a deep coulee when the wind blows the tops of the trees at the bottom where I sit I can't feel the wind at all.

I find a deer bed, and just sit there listening. It takes a while, but the stress of the day finally disappears and I am completely one with God's creation. A bald eagle lands on a branch above me! And then a deer comes into the clearing. I don't move and it's clear he's not sure if he's safe or not. He looks around and finally sees me. He doesn't move. I don't move. We stay there looking at each other in close proximity. He takes his time, but moves away stopping to look back at me once.

It's so quiet and I marvel I can hear the leaves fall. There's a "pst" as they let go of their branch and then they just float by me. The leaves just pile on top of each other making piles of glorious color.

And the most powerful thought. Why do I not draw apart, breath, and allow my God to teach me about Worship more often. Why do I continue the rat race day after day without renewing myself?

The rain and snow may have destroyed your fall colors, but there is always time and a place to be healed.


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